So what has wisdom got to do with it you may ask?   Wisdom has everything to do with it. Jasmine is a passionate and ardent wisdom seeker  and practitioner in all of her life's endeavors. She writes in one of her books

"Wisdom can be defined as skill and wit, or ability and knowledge applied.   In practical terms, wisdom is basically the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good or sound judgment.  It is the ability to discern or judge what is true, right or lasting. Wisdom is the soundness of an action or decision with regard to its application. Wisdom also entails the skillfulness to formulate a plan and to carry it out in the best and most effective manner."

Wisdom can be personified as a person, daily  life transforming principles and a  has a spiritual dimenions (the spirit of wisdom.) She encourages all to have an intimate encounter with the person of wisdom, the principles of wisdom and the  spirit of wisdom for a permanent lasting change.

Wisdom is not just knowledge and good judgment. It is the application of skillful knowledge and the “know how” to execute it.  --Dr. Jasmine Renner

In her latest E & audio books  Dr. Renner prods readers and listeners to discover  the unlimited and transformative power of wisdom confessions and declarations.  "What Has Wisdom Got to do with it?  -  365 Daily Wisdom Confessions and Declarations is a valuable tool for all wisdom lovers and seekers and those desirous of starting their day with daily doses and shots of wisdom confessions and declarations. 

Wisdom is the principal/ best  or choicest thing. So take doses of wisdom pills with this  book and audio book series. Meditate upon, rehearse in your mind, and speak continually to yourself these life-giving confessions, declarations and affirmations that can literally translate your everyday life into a positive arena of the flow and momentum in wisdom.

This is what this book (and accompanying audio book)  What Has Wisdom Got to do with it?  -  365 Daily Wisdom Confessions and Declarationsis all about.  Both E book and audio book can be used separately with notable results.  When used together, it will compel you to take what I refer to as a wisdom pill daily. The effect of this book and audio book is revolutionary. If done appropriately and on a daily basis with faith in your heart and belief in the creator of all wisdom, the “only wise God” it will literally produce a transformative effect in creating, developing and conditioning your mind to think thoughts of wisdom.  

Dr. Renner has also authored other books on wisdom namely: "Wisdom Keys for  Releasing  Your Creative Potential" and 365 Daily Wisdom and Creativity Confessions and Affirmations. Check them out in her bookstore on this website or at

The power of the written and listening word cannot be overemphasized.  It is a known fact that the process of listening involves four stages namely; receiving, attending to, understanding and responding.  A cumulative effect of these four practices will cause wisdom to flow you in various expressions. The audibook series by Dr. Renner are transformational with quality background

These  practical tool perfects the remarkable power of repeated listening and hearing to produce a persistent mindset and lifestlye full of wisdom. Life giving confessions and declarations are provided to eliminate negative thought patterns and create positive, permanent changes within yourself. This E- book also includes a Wisdom Confessions Workbook for personal reflection.

With this downloadable  audiobooks and accompanying audio book companion,  you can listen to  daily wisdom and creative confessions on your iPod, kindle, iTunes, your ipad  Android or your iphone.   I guarantee you listening to wisdom confessions a day, keeps stagnation away.

The following are wisdom resources authored by Dr. Jasmine Renner and available for purchase at her store. or at


What Has Wisdom Got to do with it?: 365 Daily Wisdom Confessions and Declarations


Wisdom Keys for Releasing Your Creative Potential


365 Daily Wisdom and Creativity Declarations and Affirmations


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