How to Avoid Creative Cramps

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Hope life has been treating you all well. Life is good.   This week, I am going to blog about: How to avoid Creative Cramps. I hope you will find these posting useful and enriching.   Leave your feedback when you can.

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Jasmine An Educator - A Carnegie Diaspora Fellow


Dr. Renner is an international speaker, author, lecturer. educator and consultant for governments and civil societies. She was recently appointed  a 2017 Carnegie Alumni Disapora Fellow by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and a Fulbright Specialist Scholar by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FSB).  The Fulbright Specialsit scholar award  is funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The Carnegie Africa Disapora Fellow  award is funded by the  Carnegie Corporation of New York and  administered by the Institute of International Education in  partnership with Quinnipiac University in New York.   She is currently a tenured  Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at East Tenseness State University.

A native of Sierra Leone, she practiced law as an attorney specializing in comparative international law and general legal practice. She currently teaches Law, Policy Analysis,  Small Group Leadership,  the Adult Learner and Ethics for Educational Leaders for the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at East Tennessee State University. Her legal background, education and  cross cultural and international experiences affords her the opportunity to consult and advise on eLearning,mLearning (mobile learning), leadership issues with particular emphasis on cross-cultural leadership,  global leadership,  creativity,  and on the legal aspects of copyright  and social media in higher education . She obtained her first law degree and Bar Final certification from the Council of Legal Education/ Sierra Leone Law School in Freetown, Sierra Leone and a subsequent graduate law degree at the University of Georgia, graduate school of Law in the U.S.

 She  was awarded the Clemmer College of Education Outstanding Research Faculty award in 2014,  and appointed a 2014 Tennessee Board of Regents Maxine Smith Fellow. She is a two-term recipient of the PEO International Peace Scholarship award and a recipient of the "Shanklin Excellency Outstanding International Scholar Award."  Recently she was also a  recipient of the Best paper Award from the International Conference on Higher Education Administration  in 2011 and the Excellency Presentation awards in 2013.  She  is a prolific writer and author of  twelve books,  several children's  fiction audio books (with accompanying children's music),  four non-fiction audio books on wisdom and creativity, several book chapters and several refereed peer-reviewed journal articles on leadership (including crosscultural leadership), wisdom, and  creativity.

She is also the author and creator of three recent new mobile apps namely: "Wisdom Keys for Creativity",  "Creative Wisdom " and "Social Media and the Law.    Her mobile and tablet apps can be dowlnoaded by iPhone, iPad and Android mobile and tablet users. All of her mobile apps  are currently available and can be downloaded from Apple's iTunes  stores and Android's google- play store and from this website. 

She is married to Sylvester Renner and has a creative eight year old son, Daniel Denzel Renner. They currently reside in Johsnon City, TN To access her Curriculum Vita click here.

To access her website as a Professional Educator and Tenured Faculty  Click Here


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Jasmine a Consultant

Dr. Jasmine Renner is a consultant  and expert in the area of eLearning and mobile learning (mLearning) development, implementation, and management for schools, universities and businesses  in North America, Africa and Asia.  She provides system-wide consultancy services for the development, implementation and management of elearning and mobile learning for entire universities and  canprovide consultacy services to reform national educational systems.  In 2013 during her Fulbright Scholar assignment in Kenya,  she successfully led Kisii University in the implmentation, development and management of elearning and mlearning courses and resources. In, 2015, she will head to Uganda to offer similar services to universities and schools in Uganda.

Dr. Jasmine Renner is also the founder, and  lead consultant of Cross Cultural Leadership Network. ( Cultural Leadership Network specializes in  globalization and leadership, project management,  strategic planning,  diversity, training and expert advice in creative leadership and entrepreneurship in the private and public sector.

Cross Culutral Leadership Network  is a premier source of global leadership consultancy services, training, coaching and mentoring. Cross Cultural Leadership Network provides quality consultancy services, training and technical assistance in leadership initiatives in the United States and globally.

The network also provides international (global) consultations to nations in a variety of topics, including but not limited to Conflict Management and Resolution,  The Peace Strategy for Productivity, Creative Entrepreneurship and Wealth Creation and Prosperity through  Wisdom and Productivity. We work with  governmental entitites and agencies, civil society groups,  institutions, organizations, corporations, schools internationally and in the US to increase cross cultural and global leadership competencies.

  To learn more about the work of Cross cultural leadership Network  or visit their site  Click Here

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Jasmine an Author

Dr. Jasmine Renner is a prolific writer and the author of twelve books, five childrens fiction books on leadership and character-building,  three books chapters and numerous peer- reviewed journal articles on the topic of  leadership, (espeically global and crosscultural leadership,  wisdom and creativity.

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Jasmine a Social Entrepreneur

Dr. Jasmine  Renner is a passionate  and successful  social entrepreneur who believes in effecting change in nations and continents tthrough social entrepreneurship.  Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. They are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change.

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Jasmine and Wisdom

So what has wisdom got to do with it you may ask?   Wisdom has everything to do with it. Jasmine is a passionate and ardent wisdom seeker  and practitioner in all of her life's endeavors. She writes in one of her books

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