How to Avoid Creative Cramps

Hello Bloggers:

Hope life has been treating you all well. Life is good.   This week, I am going to blog about: How to avoid Creative Cramps. I hope you will find these posting useful and enriching.   Leave your feedback when you can.

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Jasmine and Creativity

“Creativity can be found on the quantum level. It is both spiritual and environmental. It is akin to a mental awakening and revolution. It is literally an individual become transformed by the way he or she see things.  Creativity is not just a learned behavior but an inspired mental shift where you are willing to step out in your world of ideas and take a pioneering position to create, make the world a better place and bless your generation.” 
- Jasmine Renner
 So writes Dr. Jasmine Renner in one of her recent books.
Have you ever wondered: “when will I ever be creative?” Think you are not creative at all? Then think Twice, this section is for you. Through her latest E and audio books series Dr. Renner takes the reader and listener on an engaging  journey to  discover how  they can be creative simply because you are a living, breathing human being with a God-given creative DNA.

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Jasmine and Philantrophy

Jasmine is actively invovled in volunteering and charity through an international NGO /nonprofit Develop Africa Inc.  She is currently  the "Lead Mentor"and Director of Develop Africa's Girls Leadership Mentoring Program.

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Jasmine and Her family

Dr. Renner is happily married to Sylvester Renner, president and Founder of Develop Africa Inc, a successful  social entrpereneur and Information Technology Manager and Consultant. They have a five and a half year old  creative and active son Daniel Denzel Renner . They are frequent  global travelers, love creativity, wisdom  and innovation and live in the beautiful mountains of Johnson City, Tennessee. Collectively, they have extended  immediate family in Canada, London,(U,K) Sierra Leone, Atlanta Georgia and Arizona.

Jasmine on Social Media

Are you on facebook? Do you Tweet? Would you like to follow in real time updates from Dr. Renner's blog or new product releases? Do you simply want to connect with her on an engaging basis. Good news; you can do that. You can connect with Dr. Jasmine renner through the following social media netwroks.  Check her out today!!





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Connect With Jasmine

Dr. Renner will be glad to connect with you in multiple ways. To reach  her you can complete the contact form  found on the contact page provided or simply send her an email at You can also connect with her through her blog, on facebook, twitter, youtube and linkedin.

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