Wecome to the amazing and incredible year of 2017. Wow! We are here in "time" alive and well,  I believe we are in for an exciting and adventurous journey together. Welcome to the Official Blog of Dr. Jasmine Renner.  We are so thrilled that you have stopped by to engage and interact with her.  We truly look forward to your continued engagement, comments and interaction on this site. Dr. Renner has been productively busy since we last launched this site in 2014, and now we are excited to refer you to her newest and what she describes as her latest "creativity babies" and the products of her mind. 
Dr. Renner says of her self (quote): "One word that describes me is an "unconventional," lover of "wisdom” and "creativity."  I consider myself to be a “creative wisdom practitioner” and a very proactive, forward thinker who sometimes is way "out of the box."  Infact, for me, there is no box at all; says Dr. Renner.  I perceive the world and humanity with a kind of unlimited, full of infinite possibilities mindset.  "For me, she continues, this often lends to a deeper understanding of the incredible creative value in each human being I meet.  I do not and will not limit my perception nor the incredible power of my mind to ONLY current facts that are normal, traditional and or conventional. I see things differently, with a slightly different perspective that gives meaning to everything I come into contact with, a creative dimension."  Despite all of my "so call" accomplishments professionally and personally, (for which I am totally grateful and thankful), I still remain a passionate human being with a very “large, warm and big heart,” lots of humor, (some say depth) and a passionate desire to serve nations and my generation."
Quote: Dr. Jasmine Renner
She continues :(quote) :
"My seven year old son Daniel Denzel who I fondly refer to as my "creative marathon" keeps me very occupied, sometimes busy, grounded, productive and most importantly well-balanced, This helps me  achieve the required equilibrium necessary to be a "normal human being." I am an ardent wisdom seeker and a creativity practitioner, so you will find interwoven in my blog, my products and resources, glimpses of creative insight and “wisdom discoveries."
"So much for now... but I want to take this opportunity of welcoming all of you to this blog. You are in for an exciting and adventurous journey of discoveries.  I look forward to an engaging, fruitful, rewarding and enriching time with you all."
Jasmine Renner
Happy 2015 and happy blogging.!!
Jasmine Renner

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