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Hope life has been treating you all well. Life is good.   This week, I am going to blog about: How to avoid Creative Cramps. I hope you will find these posting useful and enriching.   Leave your feedback when you can.

Creative cramps what are they? I first came across this term from reading a Book by Ed Young on Creative Leadership. Basically creative cramps are creative hindrances or breakdown that challenges our abilities or quest to become creative. We often think we can only be creative given hours of uninterrupted time, but we have little opportunities to practice our creativity every day. Try this: the next hassle you come across in your day , even if it is very annoying, try to frame it as an opportunity for creative thought. Perhaps say to yourself, What would I do if I were a really creative person? Is there room for a playful or unique solution? Would a little humor help things smooth out. I find it amazing how fast doubt and resistance show up in a creative endeavor. Sometimes I wish I could get parts of my brain to shut up.

Even though we may not be aware of it, creative cramps or blockages are often created by uncertainty about our ability to do the project up to the standard we have set for ourselves. Sometimes we are concerned there will be criticism by friends or family. Or it could be we need to sell our writing or art and are trying to guess what the editor or consumer will buy. But usually the fear is more internalized and often not even rational. Learning to create is like learning to walk. The artist child must begin by crawling. Baby steps will follow and there will be falls

Progress not perfection is what we should be asking of ourselves." and she then points out that, "It is impossible to get better and look good at the same time."

I believe that the need for 'baby steps' not only involves any new creative endeavor but also applies to the times we want to try something new within an area where we are experienced, for example changing genre in writing or media in art. I also find there are times when we simply heighten our aspirations for what we have been doing all along. We strive for something better and somehow in the process we are less satisfied with our work than we were before. Remembering we are taking 'baby steps' can be a nurturing and reassuring practice as we proceed.

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